By 2050, global livestock production is expected to double—growing faster than any other agricultural sub-sector—with most of this increase taking place in the developing world. More and more, (intensive) livestock production is contributing to our environmental problems. The ever increasing (excess) manure volume leads to considerable level of harmful nitrogen and ammonia emissions. In some parts of the world this excess manure volume meanwhile has grown to such proportions that it has become an acute problem that requires an instant solution.



The SLURRYTOWATER slurry treatment system is a circular and environmental friendly solution, that guarantees every livestock farmer a problem free processing of any type of animal manure. The system, housed in a standard 40 feet container, consists of a Reversed Osmosis (RO) installation and a polymer treatment unit and it can process up to 5m3 (at 120 Bar) per hour. The slurry treatment system comes with a small dewatering table to extract the effluent required for a problem free processing by the RO installation.


Depending on the local situation/demands the livestock farmer can choose between grey water output (±75% of slurry volume) or water that is safe to drink for all types of livestock. Choosing drinking water (±65% of slurry volume) not only will bring down drastic the consumption of tap or ground water it will result also in a larger volume of concentrated nutrients output (±20% versus ±10% of slurry volume). In case of national nitrogen issues/regulations the livestock farmer owns a true money saver, for this solution will save around 85% on manure disposing/processing costs by certified third parties.


The SLURRYTOWATER slurry treatment system arrives by standard truck. After a local crane has placed the 40 feet container at the predefined and prepared location, our team will then commission the object within 4-6 working days. The distribution of the installation inside the container is such that all relevant parts are easy to access. Once commissioned the treatment system requires only 15 minutes of your daily time and maintenance costs are low.


This 'made in Holland’ high quality slurry treatment system comes with a permanent distance performance monitoring, an one year guarantee and 2 optional service levels.


We guarantee that the entire nutrients volume will be bought (complying with KeurMest regulations) at local market prices if the livestock farmer has no use for it. Due to compliance with the current mia/Vamil subsidy regulation the livestock farmer will profit from a considerable one time tax reduction resulting from an additional object depreciation worth 36% of the invoiced value.
This integrated solution, existing of a bio-digester/CHP and a slurry treatment system, not only offers you a circular and eco friendly solution to your manure problem, you also benefit from a versatile savings and revenue model:

±85% savings on manure disposal/processing costs

Considerable savings on electricity bills and revenue from selling in the event of an energy surplus

Considerable savings on tap water or preservation of ground water

Concentrated nutrients to be used for own purposes or sold as a high quality fertilizer

A considerable (equal to electricity generated) amount of free heat at your disposal

Considerable one time tax reduction (Netherlands-based farmers only)